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Access and admission

In order to obtain more information about pre-registration and access to studies, please visit the following link: Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament d'economia i coneixement – Universitat i Recerca

  • Access profile

Admission requirements

The CIC (Inter-university Council of Catalonia) is the organisation which coordinates the university system in Catalonia and acts as an advisory organisation for the Government of Catalonia in university-related topics. It is formed by representatives from all the public and private universities in Catalonia.

The coordination of the university admissions processes is one of the CIC's strategic priorities. It aims to ensure that students who come from sixth form college and students who are 25 or older have their admission considered based on principles of equality, personal merits and abilities. Furthermore, the CIC must ensure equal oportunities in the assignment of the university studies among students.
The University of Lleida has developed an Tutoring Programme (Néstor), which aims to support students in their fundamental formation through personal, academic and professional orientation. The objective of this is to give students the opportunity to make the right choices during their Degrees, as future professionals and citizens.

  • Exeunt profile (Professional attributions and/or regulated professions)

The careers specifically related or derived from the Degree in History are:
•    Archives and museums.
•    Heritage management.
•    Documentary.
•    Spread and cultural entertainment: Tourism businesses and leisure.
•    Intervention and management archeology.
•    Editorial activity and media.
•    Secondary school and university teaching.

  •  Number of places available

    History      University of Lleida          Public University            60

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  • Ways of access, options and minimum grades

The access criteria is the following:

  • Students who have passed PAU and similar
  • Students with technical titulation of Professional Formation (FP)
  • Students with foreign studies
  • University students and similar
  • Students who have passed the over 25 Access test
  • Students who are 45 or older

In order to check the convalidation between ECTS university credits and Higher Level Training (FP)  please click [here]

Mínimum grades (*)

Curs 2013/2014

University Acess Test / CFGS and FP


University students


Students over 25


Students over 40 and 45


  • Subjects to improve your access grade

List measurables subjects

  • Transfer and acknowledge of credits

After their appliance, students will have automatically transfered into their academic record all credits obtained previously, either at the same university or in another one, which have not become an official certificate. These transfered credits will be acquainted for in the European Suplement in the certificate. In order to transfer these credits it is compulsory that students close the academic records of the degree their are leaving and that they present their transfer receipt at the secretary of the new university where they want to apply. If students had been previously given the condition of simultaneous studies it will only be possible to transfer from one degree to the other if they abandon one of the two degrees and they transfer the credits into the other.

It is also possible for students to have their official studies aknowledged and convalidated into credits, through a written petition directed to the center's Study Comission. This comission will study the petition and will decide whether if it is applicable or not.

After the petitions will have been studied they will be transfered into the Vice-Chancellor of Teaching in order to receive approval from the Acknowledgement comission of the University of Lleida (also known Convalidation Comission of the University of Lleida), which is lead by the vice-chancellor of teaching (this organisation is formed by representatives of each own and assigned centre of the University of Lleida and it is lead by the vicechancellor of teaching).

The acknowledge subjects will appear in the academic record of the students with the original mark.

Thefinal resolution will be communicated to the solicitants.

  • Pre-registration and admission procedures

University pre-registration is a coordinated system of students distribution which ensures equalty of conditions in the first year registration and admission process of any Degree study. Students interested in the access to a Degree course at the University of Lleida will have to pre-register during the period established by the Catalan Government. 

Prescriptions must be applied via internet, following the link: