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Degree coordinator: Joan López Melción,





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Alonso, Natàlia

Analysis Documentary Collection

Archeology, reserarch, heritage and society

General Archaeology

Barrull, Jaume

Contemporary History nineteenth century

Bellet, Carme

Landscape, Territory and Society

Bolós, Jordi de

High Middle Ages

Analysis Documentary Collection

City History

Bouso, Mònica

History of Greece and Rome

History of the Middle East and Egypt

Bretón, Víctor

Economic anthropology

Economic and political anthropology

Busqueta, Joan

Middle Ages

Medieval History of the Iberian Peninsula

Cassanyes, Albert

Medieval History of Catalonia

Clua, Josep Antoni

The Cultural Greco-Roman

Fité, Francesc

Catalan art

Ganau, Joan

Social Geography

Jarné, Antonieta

Contemporary History of Spain

Contemporary Social Movements

Current World

Social Movements

Jové, Antoni

Economic and Social History

Introduction to the History

Llop, Josep Maria

City History

López, Joan

Intervention on the Patrimony:
Projects and Management

Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula

López, Manel

Historiographical Trends

López, Matías

The Cultural Greco-Roman

Luque, Alberto

Catalan Art

Machetti, Sandro

Audiovisual Expression

Mir, Conxita

Twentieth-century Europe: Society and Culture

Contemporary History of Catalonia

XX Century Contemporary History

Olazábal, Eduard de

Landscape, Territory and Society

Parra, Montserrat

French Applied to Scientific

Passola, Antoni

Modern History II. Politics and culture

Modern History of Spain

Rafel, Núria

Archaeology of Greece and Rome

Methodology of social sciences

General Prehistory

Ramon, Gabriel

Contemporary History nineteenth century

Rega, Ivan

Catalan Art

Languages and artistic production

Sabaté, Flocel

Medieval History of Catalonia

Salazar, Carles

Social and Cultural Antrophology

Anthropology and History of family

Vicedo, Enric

Agrarian History

Vilalta, Maria José

History of America and

Modern History of Catalonia

Modern History I. Economy and society